Journalism Without Walls

Journalism Without Walls is a unique educational experience offered by the Stony Brook University School of Journalism. The program gives students the opportunity to report stories from beyond the limitations of the campus community.

The hands-on, practical experience enriches students with a broader, deeper understanding of the world around them. The Marie Colvin Travel Fellowship will help to vastly expand the program, giving more public school students the opportunity to go on these invaluable reporting trips. Additionally, the Michael S. Rosenbaum Memorial Scholarship, which honors an Emmy-winning CBS News Producer, offers journalism students in need of financial assistance the opportunity to go overseas. Overseas reporting scholarships are also provided by the Colvin Center Fund.

On each trip, the students reported, wrote, and produced original multimedia and broadcast pieces, returning home with a renewed sense of mission. “It was a life-changing experience, which confirmed my desire to become a journalist,” said Senior Frank Posillico after reporting from the program’s Cuba trip in 2012. “Having a professor guiding you on your first trip to the field is priceless.”

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Ecuador 2017

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live for five days in an eco-lodge among the Sápara indigenous people, and three days high up in one of the world's great mountain ranges. Participants will paddle the Amazon in dugout canoes, witness an endangered, ancient way of life, and report on the threats posed by proposed energy exploitation of Sápara land.

Click here to view the full Ecuador 2017 trip website.

Korea 2016

Students were introduced to the rich complexity of modern Korea, considered one of Asia’s four dragons. Based at Dongguk University in downtown Seoul, students went on a tour of Korea and met with cultural figures, North Korean refugees, and everyday people.

Click here to view the full Korea 2016 trip website.

Cuba 2016

In a time of historic changes in the relations between the United States and Cuba, nine students and two professors traveled to Havana to report.

Click here to view the full Cuba 2016 trip website.

Bangalore 2015

Eight students and Professor Barbara Selvin traveled to this modernizing city in an ancient, tradition bound country and reported what they found in May 2015.

Click here to view the full Bangalore 2015 trip website.

China 2014

Students and teachers travel to Beijing to report on ancient and modern medicine, the state of journalism in China, and the empowerment of women in the country.

Click here to view the full China 2014 trip website.

Kenya 2013

Students and professors travel to the Rift Valley and report on how an ancient culture clings to tradition as modernity and Western aid groups push for change.

Click here to view the full Kenya 2013 trip website.

China 2012

In June 2012, a group of seven students set out on a reportorial tour of China led by Associate Professor Charles Haddad and Study Abroad Advisor Yilin Wang. They visited the Baoding and Guizhou Provinces.

Click here to view the full China 2012 trip website.

Cuba 2012

In January 2012, journalism students flew to Havana, Cuba to explore recent changes in a country that remains off limits to most Americans, even as the country slowly opens up to the rest of the world.

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Russia 2011

For students of the Stony Brook School of Journalism, summer 2011 meant traveling to St. Petersburg, Russia for an international reporting experience.

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