Ecuador 2017

In 2017, Journalism Without Walls took its first trip to South America. Five students and two professors spent two weeks in Ecuador, focusing on the issues confronting indigenous people in the Amazonian headwaters of Ecuador’s eastern lowlands, which sit atop rich oil reserves that the government wants to exploit. The students–Mike Adams, Demi Guo, Michelle Hennessy, Giovanni Ortiz and Jay Shah–reported on the Sáparas’ efforts to develop economic self-sufficiency through ecotourism and medicine, on education and voting rights, on the struggle to balance tradition and change.

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In a Sápara school, balancing tradition and change
For the peoples of Ecuador’s Amazon Basin, voting has a catch
Indigenous educators must work within a system not their own
Melding medical traditions: Western surgery, rainforest plants
Naku: Ecotourism projects create contact and compromises
Manari Ushigua and the weight of the world