Mission & Vision of the Marie Colvin Center

The Stony Brook University School of Journalism established a center for international reporting in memory of acclaimed war correspondent Marie Colvin.

Marie Colvin in Tahir Square, Cairo, in 2011. Photo by Ivor Prickett/The Sunday Times

The mission of the Marie Colvin Center for International Reporting is to nurture and grow the next generation of overseas reporters, to raise public awareness about the need for robust international coverage through the Marie Colvin Distinguished Lecture Series, and to cement Colvin’s legacy by rewarding tenacious overseas reporting with a journalist-in-residence fellowship.

The Marie Colvin Center for International Reporting teaches a specialized curriculum—including courses in the history of foreign reporting, hostile environment training, international news literacy, and multimedia backpack journalism—developed by faculty with decades of field experience.

The Michael S. Rosenbaum Memorial Scholarship offers journalism students in need of financial assistance the opportunity to go on overseas reporting trips. The scholarship helps expand Stony Brook’s Journalism Without Walls program, which has already sent student journalists on foreign reporting trips to Istanbul, China, Russia and Cuba.

Photo Credit: David Packard for Beyond Borders

Stony Brook, the largest research university on Long Island, is in a unique position to build a lasting legacy in Marie Colvin’s name. It is home to the only journalism school in New York State’s public higher education system. The School distinguishes itself with a rigorous curriculum, an innovative multimedia program, and the pioneering Center for News Literacy, which teaches thousands of students across all disciplines how to be more effective news consumers.

The Colvin family endorsed Stony Brook’s efforts with a generous seed donation from the Marie Colvin Memorial Fund. Because Marie Colvin was a Long Island native, the creation of a center for international reporting in her name has particular significance to the community here.

The Stony Brook University School of Journalism committee working to establish the Marie Colvin Center for International Reporting is led by Founding Dean Howard Schneider, the longtime Newsday managing editor, and editor during whose tenure the Long Island newspaper won Pulitzers for its overseas coverage of Rwanda, Bosnia, and Iraq.