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Colvin Center Programs

We offer events throughout the year to honor the causes for which Marie Colvin gave her life:

  • human rights, democracy and freedom of expression;
  • justice for victims of war and gender-based violence;
  • impact of conflict on migration, refugees and displaced people; and
  • attention to the resilience, safety and well-being of reporters at risk

All Colvin Center events are free and open to the public.

Marie Colvin Distinguished Lecture

Renowned foreign correspondents come to Stony Brook every year to talk to our students, the campus and community about the vital importance of international reporting, and what it is like to be on the front lines.



Hot Topics & Special Events

Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Elections in Brazil.

The Colvin Center convenes reporters and other experts to discuss some of the biggest international issues of the day.



International Reporting Opportunities

Students can experience life as a foreign correspondent through several programs run by the Colvin Center.